Why Choose Osborn's?

Just a few things to consider when comparing driving schools' prices and offers.

Osborn's don't sting you with a test day surcharge

Many driving schools offer different marketing incentives to attract pupils. Some offer a "free" first lesson, however many also charge extra fees on test day to recoup this offer.

Bear in mind that you will only have one "free" first hour. However you may take two or three tests and have to pay the test day surcharge several times.

This surcharge can be the equal to an additional one or two hours tuition on each test, over multiple tests this would soon add up!

We normally pick the pupil up an hour prior to the test appointment, the test and return trip make up a second hour, so two hours of fees apply, no hidden "test day car hire or insurance charges".

Osborn's give full hour lessons

Some driving schools offer 40, 45, or 50 minute lessons, this way they can advertise very low lesson rates, we do full 60 or 120 minute lessons.

We also do 90 minute lessons by arrangement. We do however charge by the hour, so bear in mind that £18 for a 40 minute lesson is equal to £27 an hour.

Also if you take 40 hours to reach test standard, by doing 40 minute lessons this would take 60 lessons.

If you did a lesson a week that would be 60 cockpit drills, organising your seat, mirrors, previous lesson recaps, booking the next lesson etc.

If you did a single 2 hour lesson a week, 40 hours would be accomplished in 20 lessons, less time, fewer cockpit drills, travel further on lessons, experience different situations, gain more varied experience, and become a more confident driver quicker.

Osborn's accept credit card payments

We know that its expensive learning to drive, so pupils may wish to spread the payments by paying with a credit card which is possible via this website on the Prices and Pay page.

We accept payments from Google Wallet or Paypal, which ever suits you. Cash and cheques are also accepted. Please make cheques payable to the individual instructors, or "Osborn's School of Motoring Ltd".


1 Hour £27.00 £30.00
10 Hours £260.00 £290.00
20 Hours £510.00 £570.00
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01462 416344
01727 226107

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