Pass Plus

This course is aimed at the newly qualified driver, designed in association with the Insurance Industry and regulated by the DVSA. The main aim is to give newly qualified drivers experience in situations that they might not have experienced on their driving lessons. There are six basic modules: Motorways, Dual Carriageways, Night Driving, Rural Roads, Bad Weather Driving, and Town Driving. Each module should last for a minimum of an hour, however most courses can be successfully completed in six hours as we can double up the modules, and drive in rural situations at night.

As newly qualified drivers are classed as a high-risk category, certain insurance companies encourage Pass Plus, and as an incentive give successful Pass Plus candidates additional insurance discounts, resulting in lower insurance premiums. There are no further tests to be taken, your driving will be continually assessed by your instructor. As each module is completed, your training is signed off and the training report form will be submitted to the DVSA, who will forward to you a Pass Plus Certificate which you pass to your insurance company.

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1 Hour £27.00 £30.00
10 Hours £260.00 £290.00
20 Hours £510.00 £570.00
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