Intensive Courses

How much does it cost?
The cost is determined by the number of hours required. This is discussed at the end of the assessment lesson. The assessment lesson normally lasts two hours, see the price list for the current price. A deposit of £250 will be required to secure the course, with the balance due on the first day of the course.

Will it suit me?
The Intensive Courses don't suit everyone, again this will be discussed on the assessment lesson. It suits those that work long hours and can't get a regular evening or weekend gap in their schedule, and can easily take a week off of work, for example, students on holiday from University. It suits those that learn well by getting lots of information fed to them over a short period of time. It doesn't necessarily suit those that are more nervous or timid, and need time to take in the information and skills that they are learning, maybe weekly lessons would suit you more.

How is the course carried out?
Depending on the timescale that we have depends on the number of hours per day that will be taken. For example, if the pupil has a week off of work, and doesn't have a driving test booked yet, we can do 2 two-hour sessions a day, giving us 20 hours of tuition over the Monday to Friday period, any additional time can be then spaced out towards the driving test. If there is a test booked normally we would plan the course to finish a few days before the test, just in case we need a few additional hours of practice. The test is included in the timescale of the course. Longer courses, 30 or 40 hours may need to be taken over a period of two weeks if the pupil has a test booked.

Are all driving schools intensive courses the same?
No, some schools will have two or three pupils in the car at the same time. One pupil drives for about 45 minutes and then another drives for another 45 minutes. The idea being that you learn from the other pupil's mistakes, however they are paying the instructor to keep the back seat warm. We offer one-to-one tuition, there will not be any other pupils in the car, you will learn from the instructor, and your own mistakes, and you will be driving the car, and not be watching another pupil drive.

Do you guarantee a pass?
No driving school can guarantee a pass. Those that advertise a guaranteed pass, normally only offer to pay for another test should you fail, however there are usually other conditions that apply, like passing a mock test prior to taking the test. Should you fail the mock, you don't take the real practical test, and lose your test fee. Normally this additional test fee is calculated into the initial cost of the course, and if you fail, you've already paid for the next test anyway. If you pass first time, the instructor takes the pre-paid second test fee as a bonus.

Is there a test appointment guaranteed for me?
The driving tests are booked through the DVSA booking office, unfortunately we cannot provide a short notice test, or earlier test date for intensive course pupils.

How do I book an assessment lesson?
Phone 01707 322830, or complete the contact form, and we will do our best to get you on the road as soon as possible.


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10 Hours £260.00 £290.00
20 Hours £510.00 £570.00
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